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Anita Munn & Darrell Manuliak

Anita Munn and Darrell Manuliak grew up in The Pas. Anita’s family owned a clothing store that some people might remember, called Changes. Years later, while living in Winnipeg, they decided to follow their dream, and started a little company by the name of Mini Homes of Manitoba.

They took some time out of their very busy schedules to chat with us about their company.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

A: We've been together for 8 years. We have 5 daughters and a granddaughter between the two of us. 7 years ago, we started a handyman business, and worked at it for 3 years. After that, we managed a fishing resort together for 2 years; we did a lot of renovations and repairs out there! We've basically spent the last 8 years together 24/7 and still love each other!

Q: How did you get started with Mini Homes of Manitoba?

A: We saw a need for affordable housing. We strongly believe affordable housing is not a privilege. We were renting and kept asking ourselves how to get out of that trap without a giant debt! We started the company on our own, with no loan and in a recession.

Q: Generally speaking, what kind of cost is someone looking at when purchasing a mini home?

A: The cost for one of our mini homes varies, as we work closely with our clients so that we can build their house exactly how they envision it. Homes typically start around $50,000.

Q: How many homes have you completed?

A: 8 mini homes have been built and delivered, and we've done 2 custom trailers for clients building their own. At this time, we have 4 other builds on the go.

Q: What was your favorite build so far?

A: Honestly, all of them have been our favorite in their own ways, but I think that is about to change, as we are in the process of finally building our own mini home! I’m pretty sure this one will be our favorite, but we always say that after each of the builds.

Q: What does the future hold for Mini Homes of Manitoba?

A: We are working with First Nation Communities to build the homes and teach throughout the builds. We are also working with developers to see a few micro home communities evolve, and we are working on modular houses that can be added on to if a typical mini home is not quite big enough for you or your family, still keeping it affordable. We have an assisted living complex project in the works using several mini homes connected to a central hub, as well as building a model for respite workers.

If you would like to keep up to date with Mini Homes of Manitoba and their exciting projects and incredible builds, you can do so on their Facebook page.

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