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Courtney Senow

Q: Hello Courtney, thanks so much for taking the time to speak. Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself?

A: Hi I'm Courtney Senow. I am a very busy twenty two year old manager/ mother/ and full time nursing student. I was born and raised here in The Pas by my mother & father and am the youngest of four children. After graduating at MBCI I went to UCN to get my Health Care Aide certificate and am currently furthering my education in the BN program. I enjoy spending my down time relaxing in the sun and being out at the lake. I play in the soft ball league here in town and play on the Big League Crew. GO BLC!

Q: You seem to really enjoy your work at the Golf Club, can you tell us a little bit about how you got into that line of work?

A: Yes, I absolutely love being out at the golf course. This is now my third season being out here and the second time managing it. I didn't really know too much about the Course until three years ago, my friend told me that there was a new manager looking for a bartender. So originally I started out here as a bartender and now I'm running the show! I never thought I would be doing this of all things but I really do enjoy it. The atmosphere out here is so happy, and I fell in love with all of our regular golfers, they are the reason I care so much about this place.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about any challenges there are running such a big operation as the Course?

A: Although it's lots of fun, there are challenges. I am a perfectionist, so making sure everything is running smoothly out here and keeping everyone happy can be very difficult at times. All I want to do is keep this place feasible. We are a non-profit organization and golf numbers can dwindle, so actually getting people out here to golf is the hardest part of it all. We need to get more people out here if we want to have a golf course in the future. We are currently without a chef, but we do offer various snacks.

This season also started off a bit slower than previous years because of the very rainy spring we had, but now that the sun has been shining we have seen more and more new faces out here which is great!

Q: It seems like there's a lot of buzz about this season, and all the things happening at the Course, can you give us a little breakdown of some of the things happening there?

A: There are many things that happen out here during the season. Every Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm we have Ladies Night, open to all ladies, experienced golfer or new, we would love to have you out! Ladies night includes a round of 9 with a meal to follow, and your chance to win a prize. Wednesday evenings are Men's Night. We do the same thing as Ladies Night, 9 holes of golf with a meal to follow and prizes to be won.

Thursday nights are called Skins Nights out here, which is like a contest where you can win prizes depending on how many birdies you can get in your game. Skins Nights are a pretty big deal our here and so much fun - and also open to everyone.

The driving range is always open as well and if you haven't golfed before, you can come out and smash some balls on the range. It's a lot of fun and it will give you an idea about what golf is about!

We are having a Junior Golf Program again this summer, but this year we are planning on having it during the week rather than on the weekend. Further details on Junior Golf Program will be coming soon. Our Club Opening Tournament is on June 3rd and you call call the proshop to sign up today. We will be having our Senior tournament to follow in late June, and then the Ladies Open, Mens Open, Charlie Umpherville Memorial in June and July and then the Club Closer at the end of the season. We will be having the annual Million Dollar Hole-in-One out on the driving range here this summer, date TBA. We are currently trying to fundraise to repopulate our pond with rainbow trout, we need to landscape a few of our fairways as the golf course is built on a swamp so every year it gets a little bit more rough. We did get new windows a few years ago, but our clubhouse needs some TLC. But, we're all focused and slowly but surely are getting the job done.

Q: You're doing a different type of fundraiser, a Glow Social event. What's that about?

A: Yes, I am planning a Glow Social Fundraiser happening this weekend actually! It is at the Legion Hall, May 27th at 9 pm. I wanted to try something new as a fundraising idea, golf tournaments are good fundraisers but not a lot of newbies/ amateurs will attend tournaments so I was hoping that maybe we can get kind of a bigger turn out at this social. It's going to be really awesome, we got DJ Kaz doing the music and he bought this amazing black light just for this social so the Hall will looking extra great. If you are wearing white you will be glowing like crazy. We will have paints for your body and markers for your clothes and we just want everyone to get crazy and write all over yourself and your friends. We have a lot of cool prizes to win such as a round trip flight to Winnipeg, a 2017 membership, and a few 9 hole punch cards to give away. We also have has so many generous sponsors such as Pitre Tire & Auto (who donated membership), Timbermart, Tri Family Health, B&C Power, Micheal's, GM, Alouette, Funky, Giant Tiger, Cook and Cooke Insurance, North of 53 Industrial & Red Apple. It's going to be a party you don't want to miss. Tickets are selling out pretty fast but you can get your tickets from myself, the golf course, or Funky Threadz.

Q: Thanks so much for the write-up, did you have anything to add?

A: I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over the many years the golf course has been open and thanks for the continuing support. I would love to see you all out here, come out for a round or two, I promise you will have a great time! Just wanted to remind everyone that we have memberships for adults, couples and juniors available, as well as punch cards, range passes and gift cards, which are perfect for Father's Day. It's so nice out here and even if you don't golf come out and have a drink on the patio! Our staff are so friendly and helpful and we welcome everyone and anyone so stop in to check it out.

You can keep up to date with Halcrow Lake Golf Course on facebook.

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