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Ethan Constant

Q: Hey Ethan, I know you're on the road right now so I really appreciate you taking the time to chat. First, can you give readers a bit about your background?

A: Hi everyone, my name is Ethan Constant and I am from Saskatoon, SK and a member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation, MB. My family is known for hockey, as my late Papa Arnold Constant coached us all through the years. He was a big part of the OCN Blizzard organization with my late Uncle Derek Fontaine. I enjoy spending time with family & friends, hunting, fishing, trapping & competing in our Northern traditional events, like Opaskwayak Indian Days and Trappers' Festival.

Q: What has your hockey career been like?

A: I began my hockey career at the GLMC playing for the OCN Blues for a couple years, but played most of my hockey in Saskatoon, SK and played in the elite development programs such as SaskFirst. I played for Team Sask at the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships and we won gold. I played Midget AAA with the Saskatoon Contacts. Then went on to play some Junior A with the Notre Dame Hounds. I then made the decision to come to the OCN Blizzard because I wanted to play for my home community.

Q: This season is an unbelievable Cinderella story so far and that definitely has brought you guys together. Can you tell us a bit about the vibe between teammates?

A: In the beginning playing for the OCN Blizzard I knew there was a lot of pride when you put that jersey on because of all the good players that came from the winning program. I think it's an added bonus that all the guys get along off the ice - it has really made a huge impact in our on-ice performance. We all work hard for the team.

Q: Blizzard fans are famous for their enthusiasm. Just how important is that to you?

A: All winter long our team has put more energy in volunteering for both OCN/The Pas and I think our fans really appreciate that. I'd definitely say the fans are the best in the country!

Q: What do you enjoy the most about playing hockey here?

A: Even though I didn't grow up here, my family is from here. I truly enjoy being able to play hockey in a small community. We are lucky as players because we get to fish, or go out on the lake - it's a great place to live and play hockey!

Q: For anyone who is considering to try to play with the Blizzard organization, what would you tell them?

A: I tell everyone about the success of our team and the incredible fan support and how there is so much pride in our hockey! That support helps us be better players & we are recognized for that.

Q: Thank you again so much for the interview. Good luck this week in Portage. Any final comments?

A: We are working hard as a team & focusing on each game. We want to go all the way to Nationals!

You can follow Ethan on facebook and instagram.

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