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Carter Lowe & Shane Hall

Q: Hey guys, can you tell us a little about yourselves?

A: I’m Carter Lowe, 16 years old and currently in Grade 11 in MBCI. I love to play guitar and make designs, I live with a good family and I work at Shopper’s Drug Mart. A: I’m Shane Hall, I’m 16 and I go to MBCI, enrolled in Grade 11, and all my life I’ve been attached to art and creating things.

Q: What made you guys want to get involved with expressing your art through clothing?

A: I always found art a big part of my life and when Carter brought up the idea with Scientific Religion I was really hyped about the whole idea of creating art through streetwear. I’ve always admired companies growing up like Supreme, ASSC, FTP, and Jason Dill’s F**king Awesome.

A: I've always been a big fan of art, though I'm not the best drawer. I was really into streetwear brands like Sketchy Tank, Broke and Stoked, and Obey. I’ve always fantasized about starting a brand like the ones I look up to but I never had the skills to draw and that’s when I decided to team up with a good friend of mine, Shane.

Q: You've had success in the past year with the launch of your line, can you tell us a bit about how it's been received?

A: It's been very positive, I was really surprised about how our shirts were sold out on the second day, I was more surprised of how much positive feedback we got from youth about our more explicit designs.

A: People really loved our shirts, not one day goes by without someone asking me, “When’s the next drop?” Many people from out of town have been messaging us about opening an online shop just to get their hands on our shirts.

Q: What's the process like for coming up with designs?

A: Brutal!

A: It's really difficult coming up with designs, although some days we really put effort into it and make design after design, and other days we just have “writer's block” so to say.

Q: What's your overall outlook on our communities, and what are your goals for the future?

A: I have a lot of good memories growing up in this small town, I find it peaceful here, I don’t understand why people would say how bad our community is even though there are challenges. I will miss my family and friends when I leave, but I need to do what I love doing, designing shirts and developing music and be out there and get good reputation not only for SR but for me and to represent my community.

A: I really believe our community is rather underrated. I mean there are things we need to deal with like all the homeless people, but The Pas is a gem in Manitoba. We have all this amazing nature, all our lakes, like Clearwater, the Caves, etc. For the future it will definitely be challenging leaving home, but we believe that to expand our brand, we will need to get to a larger city.

Q: Thanks a lot for taking part. Do you have any final words for our readers?

A: Don’t let anyone or anything stop your passion - chase your dreams.

A: Positive thoughts bring a positive future, no matter tough it is, going through hard times is worth it.

You can learn more about Scientific Religion on their website / social media:

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